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TiO2 Rutile Grade

Titanium dioxide(TiO2) is is a widely used pigment known for its exceptional properties and advantages. It offers high opacity, effective even in small quantities for optimal coverage in applications like paints, plastics, and paper. Its high refractive index imparts outstanding brightness and luster, enhancing product visual appeal. Chemically stable, it remains unreactive across various environmental conditions, making it suitable for diverse coating and plastic products. Its excellent weather resistance, particularly against UV radiation, prolongs outdoor application lifespan. The pigment's compatibility with various substrates improves product performance, including adhesion and wear resistance in coatings. Recognized as an environmentally friendly pigment, it aligns with green manufacturing practices. This combination of high coverage, brightness, chemical stability, weather resistance, compatibility, and eco-friendliness makes it popular in industries such as coatings, plastics, and paper production.Titanium dioxide is of outstanding importance as a white pigment because of its scattering properties (which are superior to those of all other white pigments) and its chemical stability, non-toxicity.

1. ZHONGLONG Product Characteristics:
ZL-998R and ZL-928R:The difference in content, such as 98% versus 95%, reflects distinct performance characteristics. 98% content titanium dioxide typically offers higher opacity, better color stability, and stronger weather resistance, suitable for high-end applications; whereas 95% content titanium dioxide is more cost-effective, suitable for less stringent requirements, with potentially better fluidity and processability.

ZL-948R and ZL-9366R: Produced by the sulfuric acid process, with inorganic and organic surface treatment, it exhibits a high blue undertone, high dispersion, high hiding power, low volatiles, and resistance to high-temperature yellowing. These excellent properties make it well-suited for high concentration TiO2 plastic systems.

ZL-950C: Produced through the chloride process, it boasts high purity, superior optical properties, consistent color stability, finer particle size with uniform distribution, and versatility in applications like high-end coatings, plastics, and inks.

2. Typical Properties:

(Sulphate Process)
(Sulphate Process)
(Sulphate Process)
(Sulphate Process)
(Chloride Process)
TiO2 Content (%)>=91.0>=95.0>=91.0>=97.0>=92.5
Content Of Rutile (%)>=95.0>=96.0>=98.0>=97.0>=99.0
Brightness (%)>=95.0>=94.2>=95.0>=97.0>=95.1
Oil Absorption (g/100)<=20<=19<=18<=16<=20
105℃ Residue (%)<=0.8<=0.8<=0.8<=0.2<=0.5
45μm Residue (%)<=0.02<=0.02<=0.02<=0.01<=0.02
Inorganic TreatmentZr.Al CoatedZr.Al CoatedYesYesZr.Al Coated

3. Recommended application:
ZL-998R and ZL-928Rare a universal pigment, it uses widely in interior and exterior paint, paper, plastic, ink etc.

ZL-948R and ZL9366Rare specifically designed for the plastics industry, is extensively used in a variety of plastic products, including packaging materials, household appliances, building materials, and automotive components.

ZL-950Cis chloride process is extensively used in high-end coatings (including architectural, automotive, and marine coatings), plastic products (like polymer packaging, toys, and containers), ink and printing (especially in high-performance printing inks for packaging and magazines), paper manufacturing (to enhance the whiteness and gloss of quality printing and packaging paper)

4. Package and storage:
"Zhonglong" ZL-998R, ZL-948R,ZL-928R,ZL-9366R and ZL-950C Rutile Titanium Dioxide are are package by 25kgs bag or 1000kgs jumbo bags. It can be used for a long time, if it is avoided directly to contract with moist environment.