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TiO2 Anatase Grade

Titanium dioxide(TiO2) is a form of titanium white pigment known for its excellent whiteness and covering power due to its ability to scatter visible light. However, it exhibits weaker chemical stability compared to the rutile form and a lower capacity for UV absorption. This makes it more suited for indoor applications rather than outdoor or high durability requirements. Additionally, anatase titanium dioxide is generally more cost-effective but is not ideal for applications demanding high weather resistance and chemical stability, such as certain outdoor coatings and plastics.

Titanium dioxide is of outstanding importance as a white pigment because of its scattering properties (which are superior to those of all other white pigments) and its chemical stability, non-toxicity.

1. ZHONGLONG Product Characteristics:
ZL-001TC:An anatase grade titanium dioxide, characterized by its excellent whiteness, high hiding power, and ease of dispersion, suitable for ceramics, paints, inks, and plastics.

ZL-B101:Known for its high titanium dioxide content (at least 98.5%), excellent whiteness (dry powder whiteness rating over 80.0), and strong hiding power, suitable for indoor applications such as ceramics, paints, printing inks, and plastics, with stable packaging and long-term storage capabilities.

ZL-200N: Low niobium anatase titanium dioxide enhances photocatalytic activity, effective in pollution breakdown applications, improves optical properties, increases thermal and chemical stability, and alters electronic properties, beneficial in electronic and photovoltaic applications.

ZL-410F: Fiber-grade titanium dioxide, designed for the synthetic fiber industry, is characterized by high purity, excellent dispersion, chemical and high-temperature resistance, superior optical properties, and non-toxic nature. As a fiber matting agent, it is particularly suitable for textiles, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal by providing a matte finish to the fibers.

2. Typical Properties:

TiO2 Content (%)>=98.5>=98.5>=98.5>=98.5
Dry Powder Whiteness>=80.0>=95.0>=85.0(L)>=75.0
Tint-reducing Power (Compared with the standard sample)>=105>=105>=105(a)<=1.0
Oil Absorption (g/100)<=26<=26<=26(b)<=26
105℃ Volatile (%)<=0.5<=0.5<=0.5<=0.02
45μm Residue (%)<=0.5<=0.5<=0.5<=0.4
Matter soluble in water (ZL410F)FPV(60%TiO2+40%PET)30min,filter 5um0.50.5Nb2O50<=50.3

3. Recommended application:
ZL-001TC and ZL-B101as well as low niobium titanium dioxide ZL-200N are widely used in Ceramic, Paint, Printing ink, Plastic, Etc.

ZL-410FChemical fiber gradeis widely used in nylon, polyester fiber, acrylic and so on.

4. Package and storage:
"Zhonglong" ZL-001TC、ZL-B101、ZL-200N and ZL-410F are package by 25kgs bag or 1000kgs jumbo bags. It can be used for a long time, if it is avoided directly to contract with moist environment.